Agricultural Technical Manual (pdf)
Precision Agricultural Testing Manual covers the basics of pH and EC and how these measurements affect crops, lawns, plants and shrubs. Includes lime application rates based on crop, soil type and pH readings.

pH Application Information (pdf)
General information on pH and pH meters; probe maintenance, cleaning, and calibration. How to choose the best meter for your application.

TDS/EC Application Information (pdf)
Comparison chart for TDS and EC readings with conversion formulas. Includes cleaning and maintenance information.

MA957 Regulator Set Up Procedure (pdf)
Complete instructions on setting up and adjusting your CO2 regulator.

MA957 Clogged Needle Valve Repair Procedure (pdf)
Dirty CO2 eventually clogs the small gas line inside the needle valve. This procedure offers a simple, easy fix and only takes a few minutes.

pH55/pH56 Quick Start Manual.pdf (pdf)
Condition the probe, calibrate the meter, & you're ready to go. Includes operating and storage instructions for taking accurate pH readings.

MW600 Open Air Calibration Procedure (pdf)
Quick and easy calibration; provides automatic altitude compensation, and does not require Zero Oxygen calibration solution.

Download Excel Worksheet for Temperature Compensation on MW600 DO Meter (xls)
Determine water temperature, insert reading from meter display, and this worksheet will automatically calculate a temperature-compensated DO reading for you.

Preparation and Conditioning of Probes for Negative ORP Readings (pdf)
Capturing negative ORP readings requires special conditioning of the platinum probe. Milwaukee's MA9025 conditioning/oxidizing kit is required. Does not affect positive readings.

Calibration & Probe Chart (pdf)
Chart shows which calibration solution and probe is needed for each instrument, and gives the display reading for proper calibration.

Instructions for All Refillable pH & ORP Probes (pdf)
Storage procedure, probe maintenance, and cleaning instructions.

Setting Up Your Controller (pdf)
Can't turn your controller on? Make sure it is set up correctly.

Are mg/L and ppm measurements equal? (pdf)
Finally - a clear explanation that”≥ easy to understand.

More Technical Tips Coming Soon!

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